Carpet Cleaning Tips

How to perform the carpet grooming process?

Carpet grooming is an important technique that users can perform in order to fix the carpet fibers, which lose their strength and position over the course of time. In most cases, the fibers of the carpet will lose their strength and position and become depressed due to the continuous use of the carpet. The issue might be more severe in those areas where carpets are regularly used because gradual effects continue to accumulate with time resulting in increased problems. There are various other benefits of the carpet grooming process that include removing dust and dirt particles present at the bottom of the carpet, which can be useful for the cleaning of the carpet. Similarly, it can also provide benefits in the drying of the carpets after performing a regular cleaning process. Therefore, it is valuable for users to understand the process of carpet grooming due to a number of different benefits that can be availed. 

Supplies required for performing the carpet grooming process

There are a number of different supplies that might be useful in performing the carpet grooming process in a suitable manner. In most cases, the usual items required for the process can be found in the households but in case the process needs to be performed more professional manner then dedicated equipment can be obtained from the market as well. Some of the necessary items for performing the process are given below:

A Rake: It is required in order to shift the fibers of the carpet in different directions during the process. It can result in increasing the strength of the fibers and help restore them in their position.

A brush: A long brush having long fibers can be useful for the purpose of performing the carpet grooming process because it can also shift the position of the fibers in different directions. It can also be useful in removing the dust and dirt particles present at the bottom of the carpet.

Warm water: In the case, the fibers are firmly placed in their position then warm water can be used in order to soften them for the purpose of performing the process and helping them restore in their position. 

Procedure for performing the carpet grooming process

We recommend following the steps below for performing the process:

In the first step, use a rake to move the position of the fibers. Continue the process until the fibers start to stand firm in their position.
Now, wash the carpet with the help of warm water. This will result in softening the fibers so that they can be adjusted in their new position. 
Now, use a brush in order to move the softened fibers of the carpet. Similarly, it will also remove dust and dirt particles present on the carpet. 
Continue the process as it will also result in the drying of the fibers. 
Continue the process for 10 to 15 minutes until the fibers are appropriately dry. 
In the end, let the carpet dry in the air for a few hours before putting it again in its place.  Get more info about what are the major causes of water damage at homes here.

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How to Find Motivation for Cleaning?

How to Find Motivation for Cleaning?

Let’s all agree that most of us do not like cleaning. However, some people enjoy cleaning their houses and feel so much better when everything becomes organized, tidy, and clean. When we asked our clients about their cleaning habits, most of them say that when they wake up knowing that they should clean, they become already tired. However, some of them said that they reframe their motivation. For example
• Some people say that they feel so much better when they enter their kitchen and find it clean.
• Others feel great when all the laundry is folded.
• Some of our readers say that the fact that they can take a day off after cleaning
their homes make them more energetic. Imagine a day without washing any dishes. You can check our guide for the best habits you should add to your daily routine in order to make cleaning as easy as possible. It helped many of our readers to get cleaning off their minds. We have collected the best things that make our clients motivated for cleaning and make this list. Check it out and see if there is anything that may motivate you within it.

  1. Choose the cleaning supplies you like most. You can choose supplies according to their colors, uses, or even shape. It does not matter as long as it will motivate you to go home and start cleaning. However, having cute supplies does not mean that cleaning will be more fun. It is just a way to get you started.
  2. Encourage yourself. Remind yourself that putting cleaning off will not get it done. Get over your laziness and start cleaning right now.
  3. Watch other people cleaning their homes. You can follow people or cleaning blogs on social networks to get more motivated.
  4. Some people recommend starting with the worst areas first, so do we. However, if you feel like starting anywhere else, it is your home.
  5. Listen to your favorite music or an audio book while cleaning. It is a great way to get your mind off the cleaning process. Make a playlist and name it The Cleaning Playlist. It will help you a lot.
  6. Call a friend of yours and have a long call while cleaning. It is a great way to distract yourself from the cleaning process.
  7. Remember, none likes cleaning but we all like playing games. Make cleaning a game. Set a timer and race.
  8. Invite a friend or your family over. You will try to finish as soon as possible having a clean house to receive them.
  9. Once you finish cleaning, reward yourself.
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Most Effective way for Kitchen Stove Cleaning

Kitchen stove cleaning a very dirty mess

Kitchen stove cleaning should be performed on a regular basis since it is one of the most important appliances in the house. During the cooking process, oil and other substance may fall on the stove resulting in tarnishing the look of the stove. It is possible that something will spill on the burner of the stove hampering the complete burning. Similarly, there are other important parts of the stove, which is clogged due to dirt or spillage will affect the working of the stove. Mostly, gas stove is used in households, which can be dangerous as well. An unclean or damaged stove may leak gas in the surrounding area threatening the lives of the individuals in the building. This could lead to water damage and other problems with your home and the possible need for a carpet cleaner.

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Wood Cleaning Tips for Furniture and Wooden Floors

Wood cleaning furniture and wood floors of your home

There are a number of routine wood cleaning tips that can be followed while cleaning wooden furniture and floors in order to preserve its look and durability. Unlike stainless steel, wood is a sophisticated item and no matter the quality, it is susceptible to damage if proper care is not taken during the cleaning process. Homes in which floor is constructed of wooden material, there is a need to regularly clean it, which may result in tarnishing its look. Similarly, the use of chemical cleaners or heavy equipment may also damage the wooden material. Therefore, there are certain wood cleaning tips that people should acquaint themselves with, in order to ensure effective cleaning.

Some wood cleaning tips that may come in handy both in the domestic and commercial environment as listed below for the knowledge of the readers.

These tips are provided today by Right Now Cleaning and Restoration, a carpet and upholstery cleaner in Butte MT.

The dusting of Wooden Items

Wooden items need to be regularly dusted since dust particles easily settle on the wooden items. The dust particles may also stick to the surface of the furniture if not properly cleaned. However, using rough dusters may damage the material of the furniture or floors. It is recommended to use feather dusters, treated cloths, wool, soft cotton, terry towels or soft clothes for performing the cleaning process. Dusting should be done softly so that the particles may not scatter in the air.

Cleaning Agents for Wood

Over the course of time, if the wooden floor is not covered with plastic sheet or carpet, a number of sticky and hard stains start to appear on the floor. In such cases, gentle dusting or rubbing may not do much good and the people are usually tempted to use water and strong cleaning agents to clean the floor. It is highly unadvised to use the large quantity of water or cleaning agent on the wooden floor since both of them are detrimental to the quality and durability of the wooden material. Both water and chemicals will cause water damage to the wooden floor to a greater extent. In such cases, a cotton or wool material should be used for cleaning the stains. Steps may be as follows:

  1. Soak the wool or soft cloth in water and gently apply it to the stained area.
  2. Now, apply the cleaner to the dirty area. There are a number of cleaners available in the market, which are specially made for cleaning wood. A cleaner of good credentials should be used.
  3. Rub the area with the help of the soft cloth until the stain has been removed.
  4. Now, dry the area quickly until no element of moisture remains.

It should be kept in mind that the moisture element in the wood will lead to severe problems in the future.

Taking Care of Scratches

It is a part of the general wood cleaning tips. Over the course of time, a number of scratches may appear on the surface of floor or furniture. These scratches can be taken care of with the help of polish wax. The standard process should be used for applying polish wax on the wooden item so that scratches problem can be stopped from aggravating.

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What are the major Causes of Water Damage at homes

Water damage in homes

Water damage is a major problem anywhere in the world and the solution to this in understanding the causes. Once the causes of water damage have been determined, it is possible to take the preventive measures to mitigate the extent of the damage. We will discuss some of the common causes of this article in order to educate our readers.

Causes of Water Damage – Water Supply System

The major causes of water damage related to the issues with the water supply system are as follows:

  1. Leaking Pipes: The most common cause is the bursting or leaking of a pipe. Due to the heavy pressure of water or the pressure from the surrounding walls can cause the pipes to burst. It is, therefore, advised to choose the methods that can detect leaking pipes.
  2. Plumbing System: In order to effectively deliver water to all parts of a building, a number of joints and valves have to be used. However, the joints and valves of pipes leak resulting in water damage. Sometimes, it is difficult to detect the leaking joints but modern methods have been devised to solve these issues.

Water Damage due to Basements, Attics and Crawl Places

Basements, attics, doormats and crawl places such as space under the stairs are one of the major reasons behind water damage in homes. In such places, moisture and water can settle for a long period of time resulting in destruction. Since they are easy to be ignored, they are usually the culprits.

Home Appliances and HVAC System

A number of home appliances such as washing machines and HVAC system cause water damage to the homes, including anything stainless steel. They can leak water, which can be sucked up into walls they can also add to the moisture levels of the building. Damage due to these appliances is usually gradual but if ignored for a long period of time, it can become significantly alarming.

Water Damage due to Natural Phenomenon and Disasters

Natural phenomenon and disasters are also among the major causes of water damage at homes. If the home is located in areas, where there is heavy rains or floods then the destruction will be significant, including requiring a good carpet cleaner. Water can gather in some parts of the homes or roof which can seep into the walls. It is necessary to take measures to prevent damage due to natural causes.

Once the reason for the damage has been assessed, it is easy to find the cure.

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How to perform Doormat Cleaning Process

Doormat cleaning process

Doormats are among the most used items in the house and offices since they are placed in front of every door in the room, which means the doormat cleaning process also needs to be performed regularly. People usually dust their shoes on these mats before going inside the room leaving all sorts of dirt and filth on the doormats. This leaves doormats dirty requiring proper cleaning as an unclean doormat tarnishes the outlook of the house and the offices. Similarly, various insects and microbial may grow inside the fibers of the doormat resulting in health hazards inside the building. It is, therefore, advisable to perform the doormat cleaning process regularly, so that the doormat continues to present a pleasant look.

Different Materials

There are doormats of different materials available in the market such as synthetic fibers, organic materials etc. The cleaning process is standard for all types of doormats but different cleaning agents and solutions may be more appropriate. Some doormats in the building may be used more often as compared to the others. It is, therefore, recommended that those doormats should be cleaned on priority, which is used more often. Some doormats can also be cleaned in the washing machine. It is appropriate to get the advice of an expert before washing the mat in the machine.

Supplies Required for Performing the Doormat Cleaning Process

As stated above, the process for cleaning the doormat is standard though some cleaning items may be different in case of different materials. Following supplies will be required in a standard doormat cleaning process:

  1. Broom or duster: A broom or duster will come handy in order to remove muddy particles from the doormat. The doormat is thoroughly dusted with the help of these two items.
  2. Vacuum Cleaner: It may be used in order to remove dust particles from the doormat. A heavy-duty vacuum cleaner used by professional carpet cleaners will remove dust stuck to the fibers of the doormat. 
  3. Hot-Water: It will be required in order to thoroughly clean the mat. Hot water will remove dust particles and stains from the doormat.
  4. Cleaning Agent: It will help in removing the hard stains and odor from the doormat. An appropriate cleaning agent should be used, which does not react to the material of the mat. Stainless steel might be necessary depending on the material.

Performing the Doormat Cleaning Process

In order to perform the doormat cleaning process, the following steps can be followed:

  1. In the first step, take all the doormats in the open at one place.
  2. Now, properly dust the doormat with the help of a broom or a duster.
  3. Now, apply the vacuum cleaner on the doormat so that dust particles can be removed. Keep on applying the vacuum cleaner until visible dust is removed.
  4. In this step, apply hot water to the surface of the doormat.
  5. Now, apply the cleaning solution so that the stains and odor can be removed.
  6. Rub the doormat thoroughly until the stains are all removed.
  7. Now, wash the doormat again with the help of hot water.
  8. Let it dry for a few hours. 
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