Doormat cleaning process

Doormats are among the most used items in the house and offices since they are placed in front of every door in the room, which means the doormat cleaning process also needs to be performed regularly. People usually dust their shoes on these mats before going inside the room leaving all sorts of dirt and filth on the doormats. This leaves doormats dirty requiring proper cleaning as an unclean doormat tarnishes the outlook of the house and the offices. Similarly, various insects and microbial may grow inside the fibers of the doormat resulting in health hazards inside the building. It is, therefore, advisable to perform the doormat cleaning process regularly, so that the doormat continues to present a pleasant look.

Different Materials

There are doormats of different materials available in the market such as synthetic fibers, organic materials etc. The cleaning process is standard for all types of doormats but different cleaning agents and solutions may be more appropriate. Some doormats in the building may be used more often as compared to the others. It is, therefore, recommended that those doormats should be cleaned on priority, which is used more often. Some doormats can also be cleaned in the washing machine. It is appropriate to get the advice of an expert before washing the mat in the machine.

Supplies Required for Performing the Doormat Cleaning Process

As stated above, the process for cleaning the doormat is standard though some cleaning items may be different in case of different materials. Following supplies will be required in a standard doormat cleaning process:

  1. Broom or duster: A broom or duster will come handy in order to remove muddy particles from the doormat. The doormat is thoroughly dusted with the help of these two items.
  2. Vacuum Cleaner: It may be used in order to remove dust particles from the doormat. A heavy-duty vacuum cleaner used by professional carpet cleaners will remove dust stuck to the fibers of the doormat. 
  3. Hot-Water: It will be required in order to thoroughly clean the mat. Hot water will remove dust particles and stains from the doormat.
  4. Cleaning Agent: It will help in removing the hard stains and odor from the doormat. An appropriate cleaning agent should be used, which does not react to the material of the mat. Stainless steel might be necessary depending on the material.

Performing the Doormat Cleaning Process

In order to perform the doormat cleaning process, the following steps can be followed:

  1. In the first step, take all the doormats in the open at one place.
  2. Now, properly dust the doormat with the help of a broom or a duster.
  3. Now, apply the vacuum cleaner on the doormat so that dust particles can be removed. Keep on applying the vacuum cleaner until visible dust is removed.
  4. In this step, apply hot water to the surface of the doormat.
  5. Now, apply the cleaning solution so that the stains and odor can be removed.
  6. Rub the doormat thoroughly until the stains are all removed.
  7. Now, wash the doormat again with the help of hot water.
  8. Let it dry for a few hours.