Kitchen stove cleaning a very dirty mess

Kitchen stove cleaning should be performed on a regular basis since it is one of the most important appliances in the house. During the cooking process, oil and other substance may fall on the stove resulting in tarnishing the look of the stove. It is possible that something will spill on the burner of the stove hampering the complete burning. Similarly, there are other important parts of the stove, which is clogged due to dirt or spillage will affect the working of the stove. Mostly, gas stove is used in households, which can be dangerous as well. An unclean or damaged stove may leak gas in the surrounding area threatening the lives of the individuals in the building. This could lead to water damage and other problems with your home and the possible need for a carpet cleaner.

Hence, it has been deemed necessary to perform the regular cleaning of kitchen stoves in order to improve their work efficiency and improve safety standards. Stoves also tend to get greasy over the course of time, especially when they are not regularly cleaned, just like cleaning wood floors. In such cases, the cleaning may be slightly more difficult. However, a standard kitchen stove cleaning process should be able to take care of grease and other kinds of filth.

Parts of Stove involved in the Kitchen Stove Cleaning

Following items will be required to be cleaned in a standard kitchen stove cleaning process:

  1. Burner: The burner of the stove will be cleaned in the first step. Any clogging or accumulation in this area will result in damaging the efficiency of the stove.
  2. Pilot Light: This part of the stove burns continuously resulting in the ignition of the gas. It will be required to clean it since it is integral to the functioning of the stove.
  3. Valves: The valves will have to be cleaned since they control the flow of gas.
  4. The surface of the Stove: In the last step, a comprehensive cleaning of the surface of the stove needs to be performed. This will help in rehabilitating an original look of the stove.

Supplies Required to Perform the Stove Cleaning Performing

Following supplies are required in order to effectively perform the kitchen stove cleaning process:

  1. Cleaning Agent: A cleaning agent should be selected, which confirms the material of the stove as well as the cleaning requirement. It should be able to remove greasy substance and spillage in an effective manner. This may include stainless steel cleaning for certain material.
  2. Hot Water: It is an important medium for the cleaning agent. Hot water removes dirt and other accumulations from the surface of the stove.
  3. Scrubber: This will help in removing hard stains and accumulations from the surface of the stove.

Steps involved in the Cleaning Process

Following steps are involved in the cleaning process:

  1. In the first step, clean burner, pilot light and the valves of the stove.
  2. Now, pour hot water on its surface and rub the stove with the help of a sponge or a piece of cloth.
  3. Now, apply the cleaning agent and let it work for a few minutes.
  4. Rub the stove again with the help of a scrubber so that the greasy substance can be removed. It will also help in removing all sorts of stains from the surface of the stove.
  5. Wash the stove with the help of hot water.
  6. Now, let it dry in air for a few hours.