Not all carpet cleaners have got what it takes to clean your carpet. Some are in the business for the love of money, not good service, or customer satisfaction. Some do not have the necessary legal requirements or qualifications. You could have entangled yourself to a particular carpet cleaner who you do not want to replace. But maybe replacing your regular carpet cleaner could be the best decision you will have to make for the benefit of your carpet. You see, what you consider the ideal carpet cleaning could be the opposite. The more your carpet is improperly cleaned, the more it could be losing its beauty and fast shortening its lifespan.

The following guidelines should now lead you to the right carpet cleaner:

The Chemicals in Store

Not all detergents are suitable for your carpet. Some unscrupulous cleaners use powerful chemicals that guarantee quick cleaning but which are toxic enough to cause damage to your eyes, lungs, liver, kidneys and central nervous system. The substances, which have pesticide or acid components, are not only harmful to humans but also animals like your pets. So make sure you take a look at the stain removal chemicals first. You could be in for a rude shock. Go for a carpet cleaner with environment-friendly detergents that are harsh on stains but kind to your health.

Other chemicals may not be harmful to your health, but are too strong on your carpet, causing the carpet to lose its color and texture.

The Testimonials

Some reviews are misleading, being overhyped or otherwise, but take your time to find out what other carpet owners say about each particular cleaner. Do not ignore these testimonials, negative or positive. As long as you are objective, you will find the right cleaner. In this era of online information, you can easily access the reviews online if you do not have the time to ask your neighbors about this and that carpet cleaner.

The Price

Do not rush to the cleaner charging the lowest price. In most cases, the cost is low because the service is poor. There are some services you can opt for the lowest price, like choosing third-class air travel instead of first class, but when it comes to carpet cleaning, the stakes are high. A carpet that is improperly cleaned is simply not cleaned. In this case, cheap is expensive in the long run.

Adequate Equipment and Items

Look for a cleaner with all the appropriate carpet-cleaning facilities. The standard equipment and items include steam cleaners, vacuum cleaners, effective detergent, running clean water, among others.


Once you have found the right cleaner, do not forget to find out the Turn-Around-Time, the duration between the cleaning and collection. It may not be in your best interests if you have to wait for days for your carpet to be cleaned. This may seem a little matter, but if you have only one carpet and is expecting guests, then the Turn-Around-Time is crucial.