Wood cleaning furniture and wood floors of your home

There are a number of routine wood cleaning tips that can be followed while cleaning wooden furniture and floors in order to preserve its look and durability. Unlike stainless steel, wood is a sophisticated item and no matter the quality, it is susceptible to damage if proper care is not taken during the cleaning process. Homes in which floor is constructed of wooden material, there is a need to regularly clean it, which may result in tarnishing its look. Similarly, the use of chemical cleaners or heavy equipment may also damage the wooden material. Therefore, there are certain wood cleaning tips that people should acquaint themselves with, in order to ensure effective cleaning.

Some wood cleaning tips that may come in handy both in the domestic and commercial environment as listed below for the knowledge of the readers.

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The dusting of Wooden Items

Wooden items need to be regularly dusted since dust particles easily settle on the wooden items. The dust particles may also stick to the surface of the furniture if not properly cleaned. However, using rough dusters may damage the material of the furniture or floors. It is recommended to use feather dusters, treated cloths, wool, soft cotton, terry towels or soft clothes for performing the cleaning process. Dusting should be done softly so that the particles may not scatter in the air.

Cleaning Agents for Wood

Over the course of time, if the wooden floor is not covered with plastic sheet or carpet, a number of sticky and hard stains start to appear on the floor. In such cases, gentle dusting or rubbing may not do much good and the people are usually tempted to use water and strong cleaning agents to clean the floor. It is highly unadvised to use the large quantity of water or cleaning agent on the wooden floor since both of them are detrimental to the quality and durability of the wooden material. Both water and chemicals will cause water damage to the wooden floor to a greater extent. In such cases, a cotton or wool material should be used for cleaning the stains. Steps may be as follows:

  1. Soak the wool or soft cloth in water and gently apply it to the stained area.
  2. Now, apply the cleaner to the dirty area. There are a number of cleaners available in the market, which are specially made for cleaning wood. A cleaner of good credentials should be used.
  3. Rub the area with the help of the soft cloth until the stain has been removed.
  4. Now, dry the area quickly until no element of moisture remains.

It should be kept in mind that the moisture element in the wood will lead to severe problems in the future.

Taking Care of Scratches

It is a part of the general wood cleaning tips. Over the course of time, a number of scratches may appear on the surface of floor or furniture. These scratches can be taken care of with the help of polish wax. The standard process should be used for applying polish wax on the wooden item so that scratches problem can be stopped from aggravating.